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Principal Terms and Conditions

1. Licensing a Safe Deposit Box

The safe deposit box is licensed to one Licensee and up to 3 Authorized Representatives. An Authorized Representative is also a Licensee. If the Licensee comprises more than one person, all the covenants, terms and conditions shall be deemed to be made by and binding on them jointly and severally. Persons below the age of 18 may not be a Licensee or Authorized Representative. The Licensee shall notify SSS@SG of any changes in their address and/or contact numbers and/or those of the other Licensees.

2. Fees for the Safe Deposit Box

Licensing of the Box is on full annual basis only. Payment of License Fee shall be collected in advance and an auto annual deduction form filled. There will be a $100 processing fee collected in advance if Licensee does not submit an auto deduction form. No License and other fees will be refunded to the Licensee if the Agreement is terminated before the full term of the License Period. A $200 refundable deposit is collected for 2 keys and access cards issued.

3. Use of the Safe Deposit Box

The Licensee shall comply with all laws of Singapore, including Acts, and Subsidiary Legislation, Rules, Regulations, By-Laws, Orders and Ordinances, as are or may be applicable to the use of the Box. The liability for any and all breach of such laws, including any and all costs resulting from such breach, rests absolutely with the Licensee. The Box may not be loaded with more than 27 kg of contents. Do not bring into the Box anything which may cause noise or fumes, bones ash or columbaria, or store anything illegal, stolen, perishable, inflammable, hazardous, environmentally harmful or explosive materials in the Box.

4. Access to the Safe Deposit Box

When the Box is licensed to 2 or more persons, SSS@SG shall permit access to the Box according to the Access mandate set out in this Agreement and updated by the Addition or Deletion of Authorized Representatives which may be varied from time to time by the Main Licensee without the consent of any Authorized Representative. It shall be a contractual term of the Agreement that anyone permitted to open the Box according to the mandate may remove the contents thereof or otherwise deal with the contents or any part thereof. SSS@SG shall not be bound to inquire nor be regarded as having any knowledge of notice, actual implied or constructive, as to whether any of the contents of the Box are owned singly, or in common by the Licensees.

5. Termination of the License

The Licensee may terminate the License at any time by giving SSS@SG 30 calendar days notice in writing. The Licensee shall forthwith remove all contents of the Box and return the access cards and keys to SSS@SG upon termination of the License. Security Deposit shall be refunded without interest to the Licensee within 7 working days upon return of the Box, keys and access cards in good order to SSS@SG. No proration of License Fees or taxes shall be refundable to the Licensee.

6. In case of death of the Licensee

In the event of death of any of the Licensees, his legal personal representative(s) may on production of the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration have access to the Box by SSS@SG forcing open the Box as provided in the Operation Guide and remove all the contents contained therein. The License shall automatically be deemed to be terminated immediately thereafter.